Quality Assurance

Quality assurance of the effectiveness of safeguarding in your school / setting/ provision

Sarah Turner Consulting offers education settings and provisions working with children quality assurance of all of the aspects safeguarding including:-

  • Safer recruitment of adults (including review of the single central record)
  • Safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures (including linked policies)
  • Effectiveness of the safeguarding team
  • Case management and record-keeping
  • Online safety
  • Teaching and learning of safeguarding issues
  • Behaviour and attendance links with safeguarding
  • Positive handling
  • Management of allegations involving adults in a position of trust

The half day visit uses your safeguarding audit/self-evaluation as a starting point and reviews evidence available to ensure that procedures are robust and children are being safeguarded effectively. Included as part of the visit is an online staff survey and resources for pupil/student conferencing about feeling safe.