Keeping In Touch

The world of safeguarding children and child protection is ever-changing and it is vital that staff keep up to date with these changes. Sarah Turner Consulting offers a range of ‘vehicles’ for keeping staff, including the safeguarding team members up to date, with both national and local guidance.

  • Aimed at all staff, termly newsletters are available, which highlight useful guidance and resources. Any revisions to statutory guidance are included in these newsletters, along with links to the latest publications from organisations such as the DfE and Ofsted.
  • In addition to the newsletters, termly staff meeting update sessions are available (via the resource library). These are written to be delivered within 30 minutes and provide a means of ensuring that your safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures, code of conduct and acceptable use policies are all kept ‘alive’ and fresh in people’s minds. Many of these sessions are ‘scenario’ based, posing questions to staff about the action they would take in response to an incident / concern.
  • For members of the safeguarding team who have additional safeguarding responsibilities, ‘Keeping In Touch’ session are available. These hour long sessions focus on statutory guidance and useful resources. These can be tailored to focus on particular aspects as required by your school. For example, moderating safeguarding and child protection record-keeping across a larger secondary school safeguarding team.